Getting to the weigh-in with all your fish alive and healthy is essential in staying atop the sport of competitive tournament angling. Installing the V-T2 Livewell Ventilation System to your livewell will not only boost the performance of your current systems but will create a more natural and less stressful environment for your fish.

Good water quality is imperative for a healthy lake environment, and the V-T2 ensures fish held in the livewell are in the best possible water quality for the entire tournament day. The V-T2 employs natural processes to cool, provide additional oxygen support, and removes harmful gases to create a more natural livewell environment resulting in fish that are strong, healthy and ready for the release.


B.A.S.S. Conservation Director Gene Gilliland explains the value of the V-T2 and why you should add it to your fish care arsenal today… “Throughout my career as a fishery biologist, I've researched ways to improve survival of black bass  caught in tournaments. Our research found that although conducting a "fish-friendly" weigh-in was very important, an even more critical factor was how the fish were cared for during the day in anglers' livewells. Maintaining good water quality, specifically adequate dissolved oxygen levels and suitable water temperature, were the keys to reducing both initial and delayed mortality.

Over the years I have been asked to evaluate all manner of devices that were designed to improve the livewell environment ---different types of electro-mechanical cooling systems, oxygen generating devices and delivery systems. Many of these devices did remarkable things but most had serious drawbacks related to space, power consumption or price. Most of the inventors eventually gave up on their ideas because they were simply not able to successfully market the product to anglers who, unfortunately, don't often see the need to sacrifice storage space in their boats or spend a lot of money on fish care.

The V-T2 was different. I saw promise in this device from its beginning. By ventilating the livewell space, it makes the aeration system more efficient. Continuously bringing in fresh air increases the transfer of oxygen to the water. Waste carbon dioxide is flushed out of the livewell air space. The constant flow of fresh air also helps moderate livewell water temperatures by preventing heat buildup in the closed space. It is beautifully simple, easy to install, requires no power, is unobtrusive, is very inexpensive --- and it works. The V-T2 is a valuable compliment to any boat's livewell/aeration system, making it more efficient and effective in keeping bass alive.” _ Gene Gilliland B.A.S.S Conservation Director