Sack Caddy Weigh-in Bag Fill & Support System

Sack Caddy


The Sack Caddy™ is the industry’s first and only weigh-in bag fill and support system.  Johnny Morris, a veteran tournament angler from Indiana, invented a must-have tool for all tournament anglers. Now, sacking up a limit at the end of the tournament day is a breeze.

The patented Sack Caddy™ consists of an CNC machined aluminum stand, industrial grade aluminum tubing, and a custom handle hold to support a weigh-in bag in an upright position. Utilizing a boat’s existing seat pedestal mounting hole for the stand, the livewell pump system, and a Flowrite® 3-way valve actuator, the Sack Caddy™ fills water directly into a weigh-in bag from the livewell, allowing anglers to use both hands when retrieving fish from the well.

No more reaching over the side of the boat to fill your weigh-in bag, or chasing down fish single handedly. Join the many anglers who will Wack’em then Sack’em with Sack Caddy™ Weigh-In Fill & Support System.

  • CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Made in USA